A picture (or pictures) that your boyfriend or girlfriend shows to people when they ask for a photo to see you.

There was a tiktok trend showing "the photo" (usually a very cute/sexy one or an ugly one if the boyfriend or girlfriend is funny)
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"Yes I do"
"Can I see her?"
"Of course"
-showes the photo-
by All names are unavailable January 18, 2022
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'The photo' is a trend which people share their most iconic photo(s) of themselves or another person, and label it as their "the" photo.
This is Freddie Mercury's "The" photo

Insert iconic photo of Freddie Mercury
by textrixa January 17, 2022
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a picture taken to record the good or bad memories
Grandma: Oh I remember this photo, it was taken in Germany!

Debbie: What a memory!
by singer201998 July 14, 2009
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The greatest word ever invented. Use in in MANY ways!!! Clearly, it can be used in any sentence and make sense. Just watch.
"You're such a photo!"
"I love that photo!"
"You guys, stop being such photos!"
"Did you guys see that show? It's so photo."
by catgurl123333 November 17, 2011
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noun; street name for meth/speed.

use of word was initiated by the kings of photo, aka aaron brandt and friends.
i just scored some badass photo! kryptonite--it burns green!
by samanthajean September 19, 2004
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A photo of you or someone else that can be described as ridiculously stunning, hella extra, or sometimes even bad.
Ouu, that last pic of us is “The” photo!

You need to post this one up! Your eyes, your outfit —that is definitely your “The” photo!

That’s definitely your “The” photo for thirst traps.
by ayyo.tayo January 18, 2022
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Man-made flooring that simulates natural substances. Tile that appears to be stone, laminate that appears to be wood. Both of these are produced by photographing examples of natural substances, then reproducing that image on man-made sustrates. The level of realism is dependent on the quality of the process.

The idea behind the term was provided by my son who was quick to point out the visible pixilation in my new (budget) tile.
I just installed a new photo-floor....and yes, it's pretty as a picture!!!
by Steve & Sarah's Dad:) January 12, 2011
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