A term often used in text as an abbreviation of the 3:
1. I guess.
2. Instagram.
3. In game.
1. ig we can do that
2. do you have ig?
3. do you wanna talk ig?
by EarthasaurusRex March 24, 2020
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I.G. Mostly means instagram but in some cases it means I guess. For example my Instagram is Hi_its_seth_ig meaning I guess but easily could be mistaken for Instagram.
Owen: Dude what’s your ig
Me/Seth: I think it’s Hi_its_seth_ig

Owen:ok thanks
by Im_aN_alChemiSt? May 06, 2019
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here’s for all you Australian bitches who are uncultured swines: Americans go away: basically ig means I guess but it’s an abreviation so spread the word and be a trendsetter
Mate #1: damn Becky is so thicc
Mate #2: yea ig (I guess✌️) kinda
by The best defintions #exposed November 28, 2018
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IG - An IG is the abbreviation of Instagram which is the best social media app on your phone if your not a loser who doesn't have it
Joe- Hey did u see Katie's post of the party on IG
Kevin- No i don't have an IG
by PersonmcPeopleface April 16, 2019
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used to denote an ignorant or foolish act

a shorter, less cumbersome version of the word "ignorant"
She said to the would-be kisser,"Don't be ig"

Simon derided the poseur, "That dude was straight-up ig!"

After losing all his cash he sighed in exasperation, "I am so friggin' ig."
by David Bryson May 10, 2007
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"Refill the ice tray when it's empty, don't be fucking ig."
by Chode Licker March 25, 2008
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