Also known as Instagram, which approximately three people in my class are addicted to it. They literally play it in almost every class we have.
Some girl: *Attempts to get my face into IG*
by ArticEmpire February 20, 2020
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I.G. Mostly means instagram but in some cases it means I guess. For example my Instagram is Hi_its_seth_ig meaning I guess but easily could be mistaken for Instagram.
Owen: Dude what’s your ig
Me/Seth: I think it’s Hi_its_seth_ig

Owen:ok thanks
by Im_aN_alChemiSt? May 06, 2019
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Intoxicated Graffiti Soldiers, Insane Graff Squad, Indo Grass Smokers, I Go Spray, Intense Graff Style, Infinite graffiti styles, I've gone scribbing. A graffiti family/squad that reps from the bay to the valley.
I just seen a sicc piece from a member of the IGS krew.
by Fume209 September 23, 2019
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Tom: Yo I'm bored af and have nothing to do this weekend.

Max: Yooooooo we gotta hit that likker and do something ig

Tom: The ignancy has landed
by Bag of Screws February 01, 2020
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Ig is the short form for instagram. It is much like facebook's short form Fb.
Clarence-Hey how are you?
Janet-Well my selfie on ig got tons of likes. I feel #famous
by missdarling October 13, 2015
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An abbreviation of in-game.
To be in-game.
"You ig yet, -----?"
"I'm ig now"
"Your ig next."
by legitimately.awesome January 01, 2017
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