A slang term for a girl that two or more friends are Eskimo brothers with.
"Did you ever end up banging Molly"
"Yea dude, she's an Igloo"
by maxmed623 February 24, 2017
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Derived from the king of Rome 78-45BC, Igloosyus, because he was cold on the outside, but warm within
Him- igloo
Her- ah ok
by Ahajzjndnssk December 28, 2022
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(n), (v); the act of hot-boxing one's car when it is completely covered in snow. The experience is not only unique and enjoyable, but also very secure because outside onlookers cannot tell that Cannabis is being consumed within the car. One should be sure that upon entering the vehicle and closing the door, that the user does no knock all the snow off the window. This is very easy to do accidentally and destroys the concealment and novelty of the Igloo.
You wanna go igloo my car???

My roommate is home, we can't blaze at my place; its cool we'll just igloo my car.
by applejaxx34 February 14, 2010
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the cutest little boy ever. He is also very stinky and wrinkly. He may bite your fingers off... just a little chomp... just a little nibble, which is like #relatable content.
Hail: Have you seen my little boy, Igloo?
Newt: I have. I saw him pee this morning.

Ur mom: I gave birth.
by igloo_lover_69_420 March 27, 2022
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Another word for “cunt”, typically used by people who don’t want to sound rude.
Why did you sleep with my girlfriend?
You’re such an igloo!!
by A.Mr December 30, 2022
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Meaning vigina or penetration, eskimo being the penis. Eskimo entering the igloo obviously being smexy time!
Male: "Do you like my Eskimo?"

Female: "Just shut up an go in my igloo already!"
Male: "Sure its a bit chilly out here..."
Female: "omfg...."
by BestroChen December 10, 2019
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An oasis for overnight long haul guys who take what they want. Even truckers can't keep up with guys like these.
Eskimo female-Get out of my igloo or Ill!
Overnight Alaskan guy-Or you'll what call the cops? They're over 200 miles away, ill be in Nome by the time they make it here in the helicopter, you'll feel better if you just pass out now.
by Solid Mantis August 28, 2018
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