When you cry into your penis when having a wank and empty your load back into your eye.
My girlfriend is cheating on me again, I constantly feel the need for a refill
by AhhRiow November 12, 2018
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The act of shitting into a gaping asshole immediately following anal sex
After having anal sex with my partner I gave her a refill.
by 1dirtypig December 24, 2012
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Is the motion women make when they fix their bathing suit bottoms with their two index fingers. By sliding them from the top to the bottom. Created by J. File circa 2003.
Jenny's needs to refile her swimsuit because it riding up her ass.
by jfile April 13, 2009
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It is a derived from the idea of purchasing a soda at a restaurant and having unlimited ReFills to your hearts content.

*in terms of sex, a ReFill sometimes confused as a booty call, but instead is the close sister of a booty call*

A ReFill is having open sex access to ex-girlfriends or other girls who'm you've taken their virginity from thus allowing them to be attached to you indefinately.

Jeff: Who are you calling?
Dave: Ex-Gf. I need to get laid.
Jeff: Ahhhh, I too enjoy ReFills.

by SCSultry November 26, 2007
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For people who suck at poker. When you lose all of your all-important 'internet money' on a poker site, you can refill your online 'bank account' to get you going again. You usually get 2 refills a day. Once they are gone, you'll need a new poker account to get more play money. Refills are the last grasp of a poker 'no-one' becoming a poker 'someone'. Sadly, this does not apply in real life.
'Garry, I just went all in with four kings!'
'Did ya win!?'
'Nope...lost to some jew wearing a cowboy hat'
'Time for a refill....'

'Garry, want a beer?'
'STFU! Can't you see I'm refilling!'

'Ms. Johnstone could do with a refill'
'Damn straight'
by Liam February 13, 2005
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When you see a fine girl walking by, you yell refill so that other guys stop and check her out.
Hey "refill!" (everybody turns and looks)
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when your homie is out of nut and you go up to him and put your dick in his and ejaculate in his dick and give him a refill.
“Damn bruh I need a refill.
No problem homie.” *nuts in his dick*
by Static Skipps October 10, 2018
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