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Some group of jihad sandniggers who behead Japanese people and masturbate to goat porn.
by Kadykchan February 12, 2015
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An Egyptian Goddess, and a name for women and girls. Not a bunch of fucking terrorists, I.S.I.S is just an acronym for Islamic state so all of you fucking idiots who make fun of people named Isis are just ass holes. Isis is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl not terrorists.
by Musicfreakweirdo June 14, 2016
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A beautiful, young talented girl that will dream of the big things and reach her goals. Isis is a beautiful Egyptian goddess, Isis is loyal, caring, smart, has a beautiful body. And will have the courage to help others even if not needed. ISIS is short, wild among her friends, very thick, and trustful. Isis's are mostly the best to be in a relationship with. She's very respectful and a jealous type. Isis's on the ones to not care about what people say if she wants to do something she'll do it. An Isis is always the one to pursue her dreams.
Isis, (known as a goddess) is very trust worthy and wild
by Levi ronald william August 07, 2017
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A beautiful loving and passionate woman. Is always there when you need her, isn't the type to love and be let down. She has a way about her that every woman wants. She won't love hard but one time, some men are lucky enough to have a woman as wonderful as she is.
I love my Isis.
by Love you ❀️ April 05, 2016
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1. ISI = International Statistical Institute

2. ISI = Indian Standard Institute
which is located in Kolkata, India

3. ISI = Inter Service Intelligence,
which is the intelligence service or agency of Pakistan.
3. ISI are considered Godfathers of Taliban.
by yogssg September 18, 2009
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a group of murderous, evil, depraved, and cowardly pigs in human form
"Did you hear those ISIS pigs have taken Mosel? And they've learned to take human form!"
by CountdeMoney February 23, 2015
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The first of 5 metal puzzles offered by Sonicwarp. Each comes with a set of crypted clues to help you open the puzzle. each puzzle contains a key which will allow you to open any one of the Golden Pyramids, earning you a coin worth upto $500.
Guy: This Rubiks cube is impossible.

Chic: Those are easy, try the Isis puzzle ball. Only 5% of the people can open it.
by SoCalSteve January 26, 2009
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