16 definitions by the avrg neo-nazi

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wilhelm scream
by the avrg neo-nazi July 14, 2023
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Ugh , look at that joe shmoe , He has no personallity
by the avrg neo-nazi September 22, 2023
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means klu klux klan
group of white supremesists that absolutely despise niggers and or kikes
1:are you apart of the kkk?
2:yeah , im kool.
1:nah bro, are you in the ku klux klan
2:still a yeah.
by the avrg neo-nazi September 20, 2023
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A cosplayer who took his on life on tik tok because of alligations leading up to him being a pedo , basically he was stressed out and blah blah blah this shit is boring .
Yo , you heard about the tik tok guy who took his own life on tiktok?
Ye man , its sad to see inquisitor die , he was my favorite cosplayer.
by the avrg neo-nazi October 19, 2023
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Go ahead .. translate it.
by the avrg neo-nazi September 25, 2023
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