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People who make Muslims look bad and are the main reason people don’t like muslims. They are also the people who did 9/11. They scream gods name while causing the bloodshed of innocent civilians and the only reason anti muslims exist is because of them
He is a terrorist
by Ryderr August 05, 2020
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A fucking discrace who commits a miniature genocide to ‘prove a point’ even though it’s a excuse to kill people and when they do kill people they use their god as an excuse saying killing is part of their religion

They also use crude tactics to ‘prove their point’ such as bombs, kidnappings, shootings, targeted shootings against people of other religions and the infamous 9/11 event.

There’s one thing to remember though, all they are is a bunch of low-life pussies with scary bombs and guns, they don’t know nothing about hand-to-hand combat so if you ever get the chance beat the shit out of a terrorist

But 90% of the time you should run if you see one but 10% of the time if they don’t have a bomb then stand up to them and scare them!!
Oh shit! That’s a terrorist! run!”
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by SharpShooterLJ July 25, 2018
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The biggest fuckers in all of history. and they're pussies too
terrorists are pussies
by Mr. Obvious February 15, 2004
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Sub-humans who run around killing unarmed women and children. Killing un-armed women and children is against every religion I have ever heard of including Muslim.
Man, that shitbag sub human just kill a bunch of kids. What a waste of sperm that terrorist is. His mother should have swallowed him when she had the chance.
by Some Dude August 31, 2004
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someone who presents terror. of any ethnic background.
they are a terrorists becuase they scared the kids on the bikes with knifes.
by tpmc December 03, 2007
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