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When you develop hatred for vaccines that you decide ivermectin is the way.
"I was afraid all of my friends were planning to take the Pfizer jabs. I told them the vaccines are dangerous, but they laughed at me and called me names. When they all took the jabs, I was really mad and lonely until someone gave me some dose of horse drug. That's when I became horse-pilled"
by Just_satire September 16, 2021
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A Chinese secret agent the media doesn't want you to know.
Juan: Could you look at that Pedro? Salvador Panelo is doing Chinese stuffs again.
Pedro: He's just riding a jeep holding a Chinese flag.
by Just_satire November 03, 2019
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A Turkish scientific name for a weird peculiar specie called Erdogan; a talking small red penis that gobbles when a 51er faps.
In Turkey, a Recepius Erdoganus appears and starts gobbling loudly for an empire every time a 51er plays with his small dingaling.
by Just_satire August 08, 2017
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