I'm going to see my hunky tonight at eleven.
by Stephanie January 2, 2005
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Pittsburgh term often disparaging, meaning someone who works in a steel mill, something rough and home made. Can be both a noun or an adjective. (short for Hungarian, which a lot of steel workers were) Not quite the bad word it used to be.
by Gob May 16, 2005
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A very disparaging word of contempt used by "American society" (from 1850s to today, much diminished, but sadly still in current use)to refer to Eastern European immigrants in the steel industry. It was the equivalent of the "N" word for black Americans. In its time, Hunky meant stupid, ugly, drunken, lazy, dirty, sullen, immoral people, only good for the most unskilled jobs, cleaning women or prostitutes. When the mills broke up, and people scattered, the word became less widely used, lingers mostly in Pittsburgh area. Some descendants refer to themselves as Hunkies with a defiant pride.
No wonder our kids can't get into college, ever Hunky wants to send theirs. (an actual quote heard in the late 60s)
by Steelborn February 27, 2020
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A person of Eastern European descent. Used as a derogatory term in the early 1900s to describe poor working immigrants from mainly Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine looking for work in industrialized regions of the United States.
There are so many hunkies on my block that this whole town smells like stuffed cabbages.
by Kunthuffer October 25, 2017
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