A small country in eastern europe that borders with ukraine, czech republic, austria, ukraine and poland. historically it kept getting occupied by foreign powers (mongols, turks, hungarians, germans, russians). used to be a part of Cczechoslovakia while under the power of USSR then they split up when the curtain fell.

The good: -Beatiful countryside. (forests, snowpeaked mountains, lakes)
- Plenty of historical buildings and museums
- Lots of clubs and places of entertainment
- Slovakia along with the Czech Republic have the most beatiful women in europe.
- It plays some of the best hockey in the world and produced players like Demitra, Satan, Hossa, Gaborik...etc

The Bad:
- Horrible government, corrupt, greedy uncaring.
- The eastern part of the country is always forgotten about when it comes to economic development. therofre the eastern part is a little bit behind the western. it is a bit more run-down
- Slovakia gets some really bad rep from idiotic movies like eurotrip and hostel. i wish they stop picking the eastern european countries as the most run-down cespools on the planet. THEY ARE NOT.

This has been a relatively unbiased look on my country. you can take from it what you want. if you are not convinced you should always visit the place and formulate your own opinion.
Slovakia can become a prosperous country if the government will stop filling its pockets
by Misoooo July 25, 2006
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A cool country who kicks ass in hockey.
"Peter Bondra, Ziggy Palffy, and Marian Hossa are a few Slovaks who rock at hockey."
by Slovak Matt May 29, 2004
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The country of Slovakia in central european nothing to do with russia or poland like english people seem to think.
What slovakia is like
by Davem7slovak September 30, 2008
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A fantastic country with a fascinating culture which is constantly evolving. Slovakians are proudly unique and independant. Things are increadibly cheap compared to western prices.
by slovakrokz January 12, 2005
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Slovakia is a country in CENTRAL EUROPE not Western Europe! Slovakia is not associated with Slovenia.

Do not classify us as Russians its rude and racist..

Slovakia has the most beautiful girls and guys in the world! WE OWN HOCKEY WHOOOT WHOOT!
Slovakia is a total party place where people live great lives. I love SLOVAKIA! <3 <3 <3
George: "Are you Russian?"
Ivana: "No , I am from Slovakia."
George: "Same thing."
Ivana: "No you idiot!! SLOVAKIA has nothing to do with Russia you american idiot!"
George: "I'm Canadian."
Ivana: "Same shit."
by slovakpride May 21, 2012
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a country that you tossers from Amerika have no fuckin´ idea about. It is a country situated in the very heart of Europe. It had been a part of Czechoslovakia before it split up in 1993.
Czech: Vodkuï seš? (Where ya from?)
Slovak: Z Martina. (From Martin)
Czech: Kde to kurva je, vole?
(Where da fuck is dat, man?)
Slovak: Na strednom Slovensku, ty kokot èeský! (It´s in Central Slovakia, you checkhead!)
by lukka January 24, 2005
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