1) sulky
2) sour
3) ill-natured
4) fretful
5) gloomy
6) alone
The house had sullen surroundings.
by Gorgen January 18, 2004
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adj: sullen is the description of an unenergetic, silently ill-minded, quiet person.

usually this feeling occurs when a person is mad but cannot express his/her feelings properly and fails to communicate with his/her audience, creating an awkward and general feeling of uneasiness
Context: Dillian is mad because Josephina and Mildred pissed him off.

Jospehina: "Dillian what's wrong?"
Dillian: "....... (angry face showing his silently ill-minded mind)"
Mildred: "uhhh are you ok?"
Dillian: ".......(making situation gradually more awkward)"
Geutrude (girl's name): "what's wrong with Dillian?"
Josephina: "uhh i don't know he won't say...."
Dillian: (looks off into the distance, looking very angry, but still failing to describe how he feels)

(As Dillian looks into the distance, Josephina and Mildred leave, awkwardly leaving Geurtrude in silence with Dillian)

In conclusion, Dillian's sullen attitude made the entire situation BAD
by sullenkid2000and10 August 19, 2010
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A bad-tempered or gloomy person is sullen
he was a very sullen person.
by deez nuts ha godeeee May 10, 2017
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1. pure definition of "I don't give a fuck"
2. sexulicious
3. outgoing and loud. loves to have fun and gets wasted, one of the most attractive guys there is. a sullens knows how to make anyone smile and has one amazing smile. becareful tho a sullens knows how to be a stubborn ass and can be a big dick but is a lovable dick
4. a low grade meth dealer, that constantly complains of his butchered pancreas. as well as the size of his Cody.
5. reincarnate of Judas
6. sadly and unfortunately may look similar to Justin (fucking faggot queer douche gay) Bieber
7. belongs to the most badass biker gang.... SLUTS.
1. He didnt get his hair cut and pulled a Sullens.
2. He ate whipped cream off her nipples in the most Sullens like manner.
3. That man is a real sullens.
4. That Sullens had the best crystal on this side of the hemisphere, but he always bitched bout the size of his Cody.
5. That Sullens is a beast! He is fuckin shit up.
6. OMG Sullens I thought you were that faggot Justin Bieber for a second.
7. Sullens is the vice-president of SLUTS.
by OriginalSullens March 16, 2012
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A morose teenager who feels just because she is having a hormonal low, or a hangover, or withdrawals, it makes it ok to abuse people.
Nancy, quit being a sullen harpy to your grandma!
by trueboo July 1, 2005
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A group of people or a person succeeding to make people laugh in a serious session, like an interview, or military training.
That guy was a Jester in the Sullen, he made the whole group laugh!
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