The best Netflix show!!!!! Has the perfect balance of romance, crime, and gangs. 10/10 recommend!!!
On My Block is the BEST show on Netflix! Ruby is such a babe!
by Angry white girl April 3, 2018
The Best Binge Worthy Show On Netflix With 4 Seasons. Full of Love, Hate, Drama And more.
Cesar: the Bad Boy
Jamal: the Wild Card
Monse: the Serious One Dating The Bad Boy
Ruby: the Smart One
Jasmine: the One With The Spirit
Olivia: the Home wrecker
"On My Block is the best show on Netflix Right Now"
by ThatBlackGirl1234 February 18, 2021
On My Block is an 'Original Netflix', it's rated TV-14 any teen can watch it to be honest...but things get weird with Monte and Caesar after they had well...''intercourse'' see I've told you ask your parent really weird stuff. It has gangs I don't know the other gang name, they just wear green bandanas and the Santos don't wear a specific ''gang color'' which I don't recall, but their pretty Gangsta. It's a pretty good show go ahead and watch it! Thirteen year olds and older only.
ME: Hey, you ever watched 'On My Block'? Friend: Oh, yeah I've seen that show on Netflix it was pretty sad, messed up, weird, and overall crazy, but it's the best 'Original Netflix' show you'll probably ever watch for the age of us.
or "Tha'd be a fight on my block"

A response to a story or anecdote indicating surprise that the altercation did not result in violence, and possibly to imply that not all parties kept it real.
"This mu'fucka running for the bus scuffed my sneaker. Didn't even look back."
"That's a fight on my block."
by Song Chortler November 12, 2020
When you want to not so subtly suggest your female companion to bring herself from the middle of the road where you are situated and are currently close to netflix and chilling, to your hostel block, possibly for the act of netflix and chill.
Girl: I'm so turned on right now, but I need to go and stu
by cookiejarandbrownie December 26, 2015
The inverse of cock blocking, meaning being a wing-person.
"Bro, I need you to cock my block tonight"
"I'm gonna help you cock your block tonight, dude!"

"Let's cock those blocks at the party tonight!"
by TheBlockerofAllTheCocks September 13, 2019