a word that kracker @$$ MOFO's are unable to say
50 cent, Soulja Boy, and Lil' Jon can be called the "N" Word by other people of their race.
by superman2170 August 28, 2007
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a word you can't say because that's racist
old man: I'm gonna say the n word
by skipperthepenguin December 22, 2018
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A word I am afraid to say

rhymes with tigger
If i say the n word ninjas will jump out of no-were and kill me :)
by rmunky September 12, 2004
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How white people refer to the word "nigga" or "nigger" when afraid to use the actual word, lest they appear racist.
by segarch July 31, 2005
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Something you can't say if you're white. I am white, that is why I did not type this in. Even though I did, I don't regret it.
My neighbor can say the n word because he is poiple
by Bonehead5000 February 25, 2020
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