it’s funny I just don’t remember what happened then...
“If you remember the 60s, you weren’t there”
by ur b1tch November 22, 2019
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a troubled time for america and the world, a good time for music and culture, and the decade every older music fan and every younger wannabe pines for.
ex 1-

dude 1- Hey Jimi Hendrix was the greatest music icon of the 60s!

dude 2- damn fucking straight.

ex 2.-

14 year old wearing The Who t-shirt- Yeah the 60s mofo!!! That's my shiznit.

actually guy who lived through the 60s- Fuck off you punkling.
by el hombre 123 July 8, 2009
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a 60 of alcahol, could be vodka, rum, whiskey, whatever.
by smokey mcbong water May 16, 2005
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60 refers to cunnilingus alone; as opposed to 69, which is simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingue.
"Darrell went 60 on me; we didn't have to go 69."
by Louisiana Tiger March 3, 2020
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(N>) The Late Night with Conan O' Brien spinoff of "24". Get this. "60" is a show where each episode is one second of real time in a whole story that spans one minute. Understand? So far, it has aired 8 Episodes since it's late May premiere and has been renewed for a second season.
How will Chuck Aloue save the Prime Minister of Canada in this week's compelling episode of 60...?
by G-Union November 6, 2003
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The '69' sex position, but, With a fat person. (69 is where man licks females vagina and female sucks males dick, Can be done by either sex to same sex also)
'Damn, Lloyd, That 69 you did last night must of been a 60!'
by Eliso November 22, 2009
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your home or base
I have to get to my 60 before i get caught with the 50
by eso November 26, 2003
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