141 definitions by Stephanie

They r not SEX BRACELETS they r just regular bracelets that some Slut wore and made up def. for them so she could get w/a guy.
A slut probley had a guy break a black one then she probley told him that now he hadto have oral sex w/ her.
by Stephanie April 2, 2004
The kind of scared you are when you piss your pants
Eep, that man is coming after me with a gun.
by Stephanie April 5, 2003
The act of taking a big old duma-rama!
Wooo I shouldn't have eaten that chinese food! I gotta make a little debbie deposit!
by Stephanie September 15, 2004
Used as an abbreviation of the police. Has hateful connotations
"Screw the po."
by Stephanie October 29, 2003
The best kind of people you will ever know
there are two kinds of people .... people who are greek and people who wish they were
by Stephanie May 20, 2004