142 definitions by Stephanie

A llama frolicing chick who goes by the name of tina, She enjoys mating with red young lobsters, pandas and emus.

If she is in a bad mood she will and i repeat will give you the lame hand. Beware of this defense mechanisim.

Also a very horny thing that humps random inanimate objects.
I saw an ashshe mating with my kelly lobster today at the store.

Ashshe's hump every pop machine in site.
by Stephanie January 02, 2005
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A fine ass hot lady from the best country in Central America:Guatemala
its what they call girls from Guatemala
When the fine Chapina pass by me I almost fainted....CP
by Stephanie March 21, 2005
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Can be bitches, but if you know them are great girls who can do well in school and are not sluts. They can have a good time without being out of control. They dont always date jocks because some jocks are jerks. Cheerleaders are cute girls that are so nice, if you dont like them your most likely jealous or an outcast and are not friends with them.
by Stephanie March 28, 2005
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all up in my grill means when someone is all up in your business or all up in your body area
guy comes up places hand on girls boob
girl says: oh boy...you are all up in my grill, you better get off
by Stephanie April 26, 2004
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Braiding Hair is a secret word for Fucking someone like if ur talking about someone near you or talking in front a person who shouldnt know..This word was made from a diirty whore name Brittany Kuhn who braids peoples hair and then ends up fucking them
DAAMN that niggas sexy ima have to braid his hair later..
by Stephanie January 13, 2005
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