To piss all over the toilet seat. Women do this in order to make the toilet seat a disgusting mess, and secondly to encourage further hovering by subsequent users of the toilet.
The toilet seat is a disgusting mess because the last five girls that used it all hovered.
by M.C. Sarbanes-Oxalot March 19, 2008
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To leave the ground via a jump or launch ramp.
Lets go Hover in the snowboard park
by emit June 11, 2008
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When presented with a gross toilet, the act of not putting your bum on the seat in order to prevent pubic lice infestations or diseases from lot lizardsand skanks.
Never put your ass on a public toilet seat. Always hover.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance December 1, 2003
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The act of taking a creepy, hauntingly ghost-like picture picture behind someone who is us unaware they're being photographed. Kind of like Planking, Owling and Horsemaning but with an unknowing accomplice.
I realized the girl had no clue about her surroundings so I decided to Hover and capture the moment.
by merlin1000 September 23, 2011
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1.n. A person (most always male) that creeps on unsuspecting victims, by closely following girls around in random parties and either not saying anything and breathing down their neck or do say something and it's really creepy.
***NOTE:A hoverer might also be defined if friends of the unsuspecting victims do feel the need to constantly check up on her, due to the creepiness that is the alleged 'hoverer'
Girl's Friend: OMG! No WAY! Is that Sam Karch creeping on Alex?!
Girl's Friend 2: Yea it IS!! He's such a hoverer!
Entire group of people at party: HOVERER!!!!
Sam: D'oh!!! Foiled again.
by Genie in a Bottle baby October 22, 2008
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When someone is eaves dropping, listening in , being nosy.

When you are eating and someone is looking at your food very hard and making you feel uncomfortable.
i was talking to by girl and her mom was HOVERING....(you can even make a helicoppter sound so your frieinds know what your talking about)
by La lengua, Darryl G September 19, 2010
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When a person stays near you but doesn’t talk or do anything just “hovers”
God!!! That guy jimmy just keeps hovering!
by SNuG_Aidan August 22, 2019
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