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That one Harrymort fan fiction that fucks me up everytime I read it. Written by Obsidianpen, it’s an absolute treasure.

Related Definitions-
Harrymort: A not very cannon, but still somewhat popular, shipping between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort

Obsidianpen: A popular writer of both fan fiction and original work.
Person 1: “Why did you recommend this fanfic to me? It’s so sad, but I can’t stop reading it.”
Person 2: “No one can be inducted into this fandom without reading Hauntingly.”
by I Read Too Much Fanfic April 20, 2018
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That one Harrymort fan fiction with the power to make you cry every five chapters. Written by Obsidianpen, an author of both original works and fan-related prose, Hauntingly is sure to either convert you into the garbage, Harrymort cesspool or at least give you an understanding of the people who ship this very un-cannon pairing.

Related Definitions:
Harrymort- The imaginary relationship between Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter. Not to be confused with Tomarry, the name for the relationship between Tom Riddle and Harry Potter.
Cannon- The irrefutable basis of a fandom. “While disliked, John and Mary’s marriage is cannon.”
Person A: “Why did you recommend Hauntingly to me? This is so sad.”
Person B: “You gotta read it if you wanna call yourself a Harrymort shipper.”
by I Read Too Much Fanfic November 22, 2017
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