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When someone is eaves dropping, listening in , being nosy.

When you are eating and someone is looking at your food very hard and making you feel uncomfortable.
i was talking to by girl and her mom was HOVERING....(you can even make a helicoppter sound so your frieinds know what your talking about)
by La lengua, Darryl G September 19, 2010
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When the douchebag in front of you orders at the bagel store, then just waits in front of the counter for his food instead of letting other people order.
Bar Down Ryan: Did you order?

Douchebag: Ya...

by Trap house BOP October 08, 2014
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Hovering is the feeling you have when you're almost high or when you're coming down from being high; it's the marijuana equivalent of being buzzed when drinking.
Friend: Are you high, man?
You: Nah I'm just hovering.

Yo I think I need some more weed, I'm starting to hover.
by Bob Harrelson July 19, 2011
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Although traditionally defined as "to remain suspended over a place or object". In the Flossy (A neighborhood in Canarsie, Brooklyn) the term Hovering refers to elevating above the haters and the opposition. It is to state with emphasis, that you are not on my level, I am on another level.
When I win the Mega Million I am going to be hovering on these lames with small change.
by KisaKisa November 04, 2013
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A sexual practice in which the penis is inserted either partially or fully in the vagina, but no thrusting is allowed. The rationale being that as long as no thrusting or movement occurs the act is not considered intercourse, thus maintaining virginal status and/or keeping one's number of sexual partners low. This is reportedly popular among Christian youth.

She told me we couldn't have sex, but she was down for hovering!
by malc. xtasy August 28, 2007
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When you are trying to get on with a job but insolent people, 'hoverer's' keep getting in your way.
Blanche: Hey I was using the oven!

Ken: gtfo! I was there first, now stop hovering!
by kurazoo April 25, 2009
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When one of your friends hold your vape without hitting it for a substantial amount of time.
β€œHey man have you hit the vape yet?”
β€œOh shit no sorry man I’ve been hovering!”
by anonoymousbrother July 05, 2018
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