Also known as crabs. It is an STD and is a small crab like creature that can give you pain in your genital area.
Having pubic lice must suck.
by wackdoob March 6, 2007
Nasty critters living about and minding their own beeswax on the fur of the male and female genitalia

transferred through sexual contact through which the pubic lice of one jump to the next victim
Causes that area to give you the extreme itchy-itchies
Person 1: I was supposed to fool with Jary last night, but my parents were home :/
Person 2: GIRL! That was a blessing in disguise. That boi got pubic lice! Stay away from him!
by quinoaforlunch November 9, 2016
Pubic lice is a type of lice that some may obtain in their pubic hair much like head lice pubic lice create an uncomfortable environment in the genital region they cause itching
My fanny is so itchy I must have pubic lice again
by Fannyfiddler2.0 January 3, 2022