A sexual position where a person is kneeling down and another person lifts them up from the back of their knees
Look at this guy, he's gagging for the seat
by Beamo November 12, 2006
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Slang used to refer to someone's ass.
>"Damn... look at that ass!"
>"Yeah, nice seats on that one!"
by MrZebraMan December 10, 2010
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To have lucious lips, good enough to sit on
Did you see that mouth? That man’s a seat
by cpdix August 10, 2018
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When some nub piece of scrub trash is talking mad shit and then you own them hard, ushering them to the bench they'll be warming. Thus, seated.

1.silencer killed fagboi with a headshot from awp
fagboi: bs
silencer: seated, bitch

2. take a fucking seat nub
by silencer999 September 02, 2005
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The seats unavailable for use in restaurants during COVID social distancing rules.
I’d like to sit across from my date at dinner but it’s the no no seat.
by @emberglo October 24, 2020
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A COVID banned seat in a restaurant with a circle and x is called “the no no seat” for social distancing.
Don’t sit in that chair at Taco Bell! That’s “the no no seat
by @emberglo October 24, 2020
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