A sexual position where a person is kneeling down and another person lifts them up from the back of their knees
Look at this guy, he's gagging for the seat
by Beamo November 13, 2006
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Slang used to refer to someone's ass.
>"Damn... look at that ass!"
>"Yeah, nice seats on that one!"
by MrZebraMan December 11, 2010
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depending on the adverb used in front of it, 'to be seated for' is a term used on (mostly queer parts of) social media to ironise the situationships users get themselves into in day to day life.
it can either mean:
1. being told off for having done something shameful or disappointing in the past or past(usually in the context of people interacting with one another, can have any adverb in front of it)
2. being forced to do something shameful or disappointing in the past or present(when paired up with 'supposedly' & 'reportedly')
3. preparing to do something shameful or disappointing (when paired up with 'allegedly' or 'apparently')
1. @TwitterUser42069: oomf allegedly seated for telling my bestie i'm ugly💀.
or as used by instagram user @dilf.from.inside.out_:
2. "supposedly seated for my 6 missing assignments..."
3. "apparently seated for having a 4 hour sleep session"
by ndrq16 May 8, 2022
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Which means you’d sit on his/hers face
by BigOnoob02 June 8, 2019
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To have lucious lips, good enough to sit on
Did you see that mouth? That man’s a seat
by cpdix August 11, 2018
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colloquially used to describe a person with a penchant for lying flat on their back and offering their face as a female's chair or resting place in anticipation of the double-glazing that will hopefully follow, generally for the entertainment of others and occasionally in exchange for money.
by Seaty McSeat March 13, 2008
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A COVID banned seat in a restaurant with a circle and x is called “the no no seat” for social distancing.
Don’t sit in that chair at Taco Bell! That’s “the no no seat
by @emberglo October 24, 2020
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