Flullja Hoopla Is when someone enters your conversation afer being dormant for a decent amount of time, everyone who notices Is Flullja Hoopla.
Flullja Hoopla Is a "State of mind."
When you're with your friends and a new friend arrives saying anything would cause a Flullja Hoopla.

Flullja Hooplas are best when nobody notices until much later.
Pointing out a Flullja Hoopla usually ruins It.
by MMMVTTDBCGR March 30, 2008
being very involved, mixed up in the excitement or fervor of the moment and is a lyric from the track 'We Built This City' by Starship circa 1985 ...
I'm knee deep in the hoopla of the election coverage..
by LostSoulColo69 February 28, 2017
The act of flinging sizzling hot Calamari on a gentleman's fully erect penis. If successful, the gentleman should shout Hoopla, Hoopla Hoopla whilst trying to remove the hot Calamari before 2nd degree burns occur. No one wants that of course.
"Would you like to play Calamari Hoopla tonight darling? I have some spare Calamari, I thought it might be fun?"
by Humpabalooshka October 28, 2022
Hoola hooping while having anal with a prostitute. The man must insert his peener in the prostitute's ass while hoola hooping.
"Man I juts hoopla hoed my girlfriend last night"
"Oh.. I thought you said she was a prostitute"
"Not anymore"
by imgonnarockurmom2night September 27, 2018
I really put my girlfriend through alot of hoopla when I made up the word hoopla.
hoopla means a crock of bull butter or crazy off the walls or ridiculous by hannah price
my math teacher made us do sins and cosines that's a big pile of hoopla
by hamburgerhelper1620 September 7, 2022