It's a complete report with mass of details about an event. Common in sports and eSports.
The coverage for "The Electronic Sports World Cup" was awesome.
by unihumi June 29, 2006
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How big an area a fart can be smelled in.
Mike's fart has a big coverage area. I can smell it in the entire arena.
by Big Tom October 20, 2005
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Noun. A piece of garment worn over an individual's assets.

Related words:
covered: Adj. the wearing of coverage by a person.
wired coverage: coverage that contains metal wires designed to maintain its shape and to provide support to the asset. Usually costs more than wireless ones.
wireless coverage: typical coverage that do not contain metal wires.
medical coverage: coverage that is designed with a medical purpose. Often paid for by medical insurance.
beach coverage: swimwear.
coverability: wearability.
liability coverage: (to be defined)
coverage obsession: (please refer to medical dictionary)
coverage model: a fashion model who showcases coverage.
Person X, in room A: (confusingly) Where's MY coverage?

Person Y, in room B, asking person Z: (angrily) Whose coverage is THIS?

To save yourself from embarrassment at airport security checkpoints, avoid wired coverage on the day of travel.

"Excludes medical coverage", reads the fine print.

Drinkability, wearability, coverability, ... it's all marketability, folks.

Always have your nice assets covered, no matter which country you're in.
by emergent chaos April 2, 2009
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by masscom October 5, 2018
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A techno and eurodance group in Europe. They are centered in Germany, but give concerts all over the world. Some songs include "Poison," "Runaway," "Moonlight Shadow," and "7 Years and 50 Days." They are well-known also for their remixes of other songs. Similar groups include Baracuda, Cascada, or Special D.
Guy from Europe: Dude, you going to the Groove Coverage concert tonight?
by Techno123 April 17, 2008
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Saturation coverage is when every news show and news update, on every channel, all cover the same issue. Repeatedly. Until you could probably quote it.

Note, though, that saturation coverage is distinct from disasterporn in that it isn't limited to disasters.
The Sydney sandstorm was saturation coverage in Australia, being a major event.
by pinkgothic October 25, 2009
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Term used to describe individuals who, when at a party or another miscellaneous gathering of peers, cannot decide on one single member of the opposite sex on which to concentrate their attentions, and so just hit on them all instead.

Usually ineffective...
Watch out girls, Booths going for blanket coverage again tonight...
by Jennie Furness May 18, 2006
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