something that one takes great interest in
"I have a fervor for your assicular body."
by mexican magnet June 7, 2003
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My ex is my fervor as we still cuddle and maintain a close relationship without sexual intimacy.
by Messinez March 21, 2022
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The sequel to 'The Rural Juror' written by Kevin Grisham, as mentioned on 30 Rock.
Jenna: Did you know that before Kevin was a novelist, he worked at a recycling center?
Liz: Wow.
Jenna: And he just finished writing the sequel. It's called "Urban Fervor".
Liz: Boy these titles. They really make you think.
by fungdark August 21, 2010
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The angst one feels when waiting on a friend.
Joe needs to hurry before I get into a fervor about this.
by ctborgatta May 16, 2022
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