1. A native or inhabitant of Saudi Arabia
2. Of or relating to Saudi Arabia or its people
The Saudi Arabian desert.
by Bryan_T June 22, 2009
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Wealthy Healthy straight non bi or homo sexual family member

Sweet caring and non selfish

non chalant yet
A diligent worker with abundant energetic energy
Saudi is so qute.
Saudi is also nurturing.
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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Similar to salty, it means to be extremely angry or upset about something.
John: "Oh dammit, I failed my math test."
Andy: "OOOOHHHHHHH.....Saaauuudddiii!"

I'm saudi because I didn't get accepted to Harvard.
by The Quiet Observer November 19, 2006
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Let me get my saudi and you can kiss your ass goodbye.
by vilignoble January 23, 2016
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Hand just failed an exam;
Hand: OOH, saudy!
by Colton G April 2, 2008
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The ballinist pple on this planet. They ride around in lambourginis and ferrari's....beemers and mercedes are regular cars to them. They travel everywhere and get ANYTHING. They have the most experiences in life.
"Yo that saudi guys got the pimpest ride....he spends mad money"
by Heat Bag March 2, 2005
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Saudying is where you are in a rocket league game and your friend Demo's another car.
Im going to go and do some Saudying, these people never stood a chance.

Did you just Saudi that poor man?!
by toyys October 18, 2021
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