1.a substitute to any exclamation or noun.
2.the only word a fish can speak
"That sounds like a buncha...HOOPLA!"

"Lauren got a traffic ticket! HOOPLA!"
by Ryan Odonnell January 27, 2009
1. A substitute for "horray!" or "yay!"
2. Another way to say "bullshit."
1. I got a 94 on my ELA finals!! HOOPLA! *Raises the roof* (what i did yesterday)
2. Karen, that's just hoopla. I saw you talking about christ with my son! (did not happen to me)
by TheDingDongBiTcH May 15, 2020
(Also knewn as "Hooplah") A very funny word wich some users enjoy to say. Its origin is from a spongebob episode, wich saying:

"sounds like a lot a-"

"sounds like a lot a-"


"sounds like a-"


*gets hit in the head with a brick*

"sounds like a lot of hoopla to make a little Krabby Patty, right?"

As in the episode, many people uses it to interrupt some phrases just to make a joke. It is also said when you dont know what to say.

This word has absolutely no possible meaning and is pretty random. Thats what makes it that special. This word is much related to the smiley :3
"Hey Jenny, did you knew that-"

Noob930: Hey im doing a math test! D: can you tell me what makes 391186 - 39.7342745?
You01: Uh... Hoopla?
by Hira-Sama Duh Great July 25, 2011
Crazy to the ear, eyes, or mind.
Things that make you upset or just dont make any sense.
Billy spent One million dollars on a piece of paper. That is some hoopla.
by Johantahan B. November 10, 2009
Hoopla, is a term used in exchange for bulls**t. When something sounds unbelievable.
Consider a friend told you they met your favorite entertainer and you don't believe them. You will reply: "Man.. that hoopla"
by CournBredd May 6, 2015
Collective term for hoops, used in the pastime ‘hula-hooping’
Damn, have. You seen Chloe’s Hoopla of hoops she made?
by Dizziwish February 12, 2018