Currently a classified government project, it is impossible to know the exact function of a starship; however, it could be any of the following:

-A spacecraft used for the interstellar travel of an old bald guy, a man with stylish hair, the black version of the X-men character Cyclops, a Klingon, a ginger doctor, an almost-human woman, and an emotionless walking computer.

-An aerial vehicle similar to a private jet used for the sole purpose of transporting celebrities from place to place.

-Or an attempt at a real life version of the Warpstar from the Kirby video game series.

The only fact about starships that has been released to the general public so far is that they were meant to fly.
by CIA Head Chief September 11, 2012
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An absolute bop of 2012 and a real gay anthem
I loved to dance to Starships back in 2012 and now I’m gay and I still love it.
by pizzachu April 22, 2020
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this really cool thing this internal team is building at Mark43, supposedly going to connect the stars
How will I get this there? Put it on a starship.
by mickininaj April 4, 2018
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To throw-up or puke from natural causes or drinking too much. It's a more pleasant way of saying throw-up or puke.
James got so drunk last night that he was starshipping in the bathroom for like an hour.
by Carlthegiraffe February 1, 2010
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1. To bring someone's self-image or ego back from a fantastical "outerspace"; to humble someone out of a delusion; to disprove someone's fictional version of themselves

2. To ruin someone's dreams
"He had a few successes and has begun to believe his own hype. His ego is in outer space. It's time to repo that starship he's on and bring him back down to Earth."

"Patrick is so delusional and egotistical that he now considers himself above us all. He's due for a starship repo up there."

"My friend thought he was going to be a huge celebrity, but that starship appears to have been repo'd."
by lizclarkewrites May 21, 2019
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When you lay on your stomach and fire a crap out of your ass toward the sky.
Kirk was lying on his belly naked when he fired a Starship Pooper out his ass into outer space.
by joseph blough April 15, 2022
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Probably one of the only bands that will admit their lyrics are cheesy. With everything from cheer chants to spunky pop beats, Cobra Starship is the band that makes you smile, laugh, dance, and sing along all at the same time. With members Gabe Saporta (lead singer), Alex Suarez (bass), Ryland Blackinton (guitar), Victoria Asher, knows as Vicky-T, (keytar), and Nate Novarro (drums), this is most likely one of the most lyrically hilarious yet true bands of our generation.
"Cobra Starship makes me want to get up out my seat and dance like a monkey"
by pinkfuzzyelephants October 24, 2009
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