i love hoople

by ryan is sexc November 30, 2018
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A tradition dating back many weeks with my girlfriend, this wholesome activity requires two naked and willing participants. The first of these must lie flat on their back, and must also, for reasons that will beome clear, be male (although an engorged clitoris may suffice). The second must then leap from an elevated position and try to get their ring around the targets pole. A note of caution- unless said pole is extremely hard, take care when choosing the height to propel oneself from.
Steve: Fancy a game of human hoopla?

Emma: What's that?

Steve: If you can get your ring around my pole you'll win a donkey (punch).

Emma: Geronimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by silenticecream March 31, 2012
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Accualy a multiple use word, such as "word".
Hoopla Poopla is mainly used to describe a person that has no "Hoops" or "Poops".

Also used to describe a person of low intellegence or that one person who just doesnt damn well get it that nobody likes them.

Also used as a replacement for "dammit" or "shit"
Used as shit.

Person 1: Sorry man I just killed your family.
Person 2: Awe Hoopla Poopla!
by Nick the Spick January 16, 2006
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a hoopla is a really fat chick who joys sticking dildos in her ass and vagina at the same time
I saw a hoopla last night when i walked into your moms bedroom
by pbpimp101 March 28, 2009
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Flullja Hoopla Is when someone enters your conversation afer being dormant for a decent amount of time, everyone who notices Is Flullja Hoopla.
Flullja Hoopla Is a "State of mind."
When you're with your friends and a new friend arrives saying anything would cause a Flullja Hoopla.

Flullja Hooplas are best when nobody notices until much later.
Pointing out a Flullja Hoopla usually ruins It.
by MMMVTTDBCGR March 30, 2008
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