A proffessional hula hooper or a person with extraordinary and original hula hooping skills.
That hooper is awesome she has 25 hoops going at once spinning around her body.

Hooping is becoming a global tribe and performance-art form thanks to festivals like burning man.
by Giada D. August 13, 2009
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A female of latin origin/descent who prefers to only wear giant hoop earings.
It would have been hard to spot Carmen at the Carneceria, had she not been such a Hooper!
by Tk the realist December 30, 2011
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A guy who is really hot and attractive. Usually funny, good at basketball, and very outgoing. Also makes an amazing boyfriend. Very sexy but intelligent and caring.
That guy is so hot and good at basketball! That explains why his name is hooper!
by Bobby George July 24, 2014
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A individual that is willing to play basketball any time and any where.
Brodie, I woke up and played basketball every morning this week. I'm a real Hooper.
by Let's Hoop TakeOver August 23, 2020
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someone who only likes athletes and only in the ass
“look at that hot dad bod over there”
“nah ew I’m a hooper

“you ever have a poop so big u cant get it out?”
“nah I’m stretched out...Im a hooper.”
by og hooper January 7, 2021
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the last name of a racist ginger who whips slaves in her classroom
Ms Hooper whipped the student who snitched on her tic tac toe assignment
by Andrew Weiner March 11, 2019
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Hooper: A woman, most often of hispanic decent, who is an obvious whore. Generaly wears large hoop earings.
Andrew: Hey Kyle see that fine piece of ass over there?

Kyle: Which one?

Andrew: The hispanic one with the big hoop earings and short as hell skirt on. you can see her vag.

Kyle: o yea i see her... that bitch is a hooper.
by papafrito November 9, 2010
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