Adjective. To a high degree or with enthusiasm; with a fiery passion. Often used in fandom.
OMG, I ship it like burning!
I love that show like burning!
by Kat Atonic February 26, 2008
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1.Having so much consecutive sex the vagina starts burning with further penetration
2. Having so much sex it leads to a urinary tract infection and burns when you pee
3. Having an STD in which the symptons include burning sensations in genital area
Have you ever had sex like burning?

Dude, my crotch is like burning!
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when cooking somthing but it's so hot it has no flavor
"My soup's gonna taste soon as it dosent tastes like burning"
by Selim Versailles January 14, 2010
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To be irritated too much by someone's talkativeness.
My ears feel like burning whenever I talk to her - she talks until you are blue in the face.
by Zami Karzai August 25, 2018
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when you have a passion for someone, that feels like fire in your stomach. the person feels so amazing, almost like Zeus!
For two years, i've liked Greg so much! Almost like i love him like the burning sun!
by Sherrlie November 30, 2007
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1) A challenged young whipper snapper, who get's clue's alot in his friends party's!

2) Ask's to do Gamebatte's every 5 minutes!

3) De derp de durpede durr!
1) Hey guy's I'm going to subway! "I'm like a boss burn"
2) Hey Nepo can we do a Game-battle? NO....

3) I like to read books with colors! "I'm like a boss burn"
by Nepovjerenje February 2, 2012
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