A person who inserts drugs up their anus to speed up the onset of the desired effects.
Nuriel Dude, I saw your mother sticking something through her anal sphincter.

Ariel Yeah, that's how she takes her Ibuprofen for her chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. She is a hooper going way back.

She asked me if you would be willing to give her a helping hand , she is finding it more difficult with age.

Nuriel Of course I would Ariel, you guys are like family to me (hugs), anytime, just ask.
by Chlorpyrifos May 5, 2016
Jason Kidd is a Hooper because he can put up a triple double any given night.
by LD_707 May 15, 2007
The girl stank even worse after eating hooper.
by A???? April 14, 2006
A proffessional hula hooper or a person with extraordinary and original hula hooping skills.
That hooper is awesome she has 25 hoops going at once spinning around her body.

Hooping is becoming a global tribe and performance-art form thanks to festivals like burning man.
by Giada D. August 13, 2009
A small blonde with a huge ass.

Her ass is so huge that you can't ignore it. It'll be on your mind for years after you see it.
Wow did you see her ass in that prom dress. What a Hooper!
by a1213 June 9, 2021
A female of latin origin/descent who prefers to only wear giant hoop earings.
It would have been hard to spot Carmen at the Carneceria, had she not been such a Hooper!
by Tk the realist December 30, 2011
A guy who is really hot and attractive. Usually funny, good at basketball, and very outgoing. Also makes an amazing boyfriend. Very sexy but intelligent and caring.
That guy is so hot and good at basketball! That explains why his name is hooper!
by Bobby George July 24, 2014