a game with X's and O's. A extremely gangsta game
Yo G, quit tripping and lets go hit the tic tac toe!
by Felix October 16, 2004
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When you have sex with three different partners in one night.
Guy 1: Yo, I definitely just tic tac toe'd last night.
Guy 2: Word, with who?
Guy 1: Kim was first around 7:30; then I got to Stephanie around 10; then I topped the night of with Giselle around 2.
Guy 2: Shweeeeeet...
by UncleJangles February 23, 2008
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A German girl group of the late 90's. They had some Number 1 hits, but at one point the people notice when something is bullshit. Also there was some bad news about one member working in a whorehouse.
So this band is history, thanks god.
You sound like tic tac toe.
by Felix January 19, 2005
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Fo' gs set up theys man poles in a tic tac toe way on a hoe bitch's chest, and them tew otha brothas shit for the x's and o's...whoever wins bricks in the bitch's mouth
Tyrel, Tyrone, Tyrese, and my nigga Jamal line theys dicks over Shaniqua's babbage while DeShaw and Maloclom XXX took turns bricking over her. When DeShaw got 3 in a row, he yelled, "Thats tic tac toe bitch...now open your mouth."
by ruchirlivesonhillst February 16, 2009
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Bob: Hey John wanna go play some Tic-Tac-Toe?

John: How about not.
by Fuck Balls August 13, 2008
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A simple game using a small 3X3 graph of empty boxes. Players alternate turns by placing a single 'X' or 'O' into an empty box. The first player to get 3 X's or O's lined up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wins the game (a line is often drawn through the 3 winning icons). If each player is smart enough the game will always end in a draw, otherwise known as a "cat's-tail".
Guy 1: Dude, stop playin tic-tac-toe.
Guy 2: What are you talking about? I haven't played the game since I was 10?
Guy 1: Oh.......I got this 3X3 graph, wanna play?
Guy 2: I hate you.
by Jeff Hutchinson June 22, 2006
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