aww lads, you should have seen the hoop on thebird i was with last night
by schorman April 23, 2017
Ah fuck not again, said lord edge as he found a gerbil up his hoop
by Gaz C December 30, 2004
To stick a drug up your ass for the purpose of bypassing the bodies filtration organs (liver, kidney) and introduce the drug directly into the blood stream in order to heighten the effects.
Slinky hooped a handfull of bombs last weekend.
by djSteele September 20, 2006
rear end of body, backside, ass, derrier, bottom, bum.
get your hoop down the gym and do a bit.
by scotty February 17, 2003
as a verb to shove something in your ass
by Spinbad May 21, 2004
Slide that dick through my hoop, big boy.
by Buttfuck May 5, 2006