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A person of the male gender that is a real dude, usually one of the flyest guys around that the bitches love. His striking good looks instantly puts an overwhelming feeling in the hearts and body of all women. Only the true women that have confidence in theirselves dare to approach him. He is an amazing athlete that dominates in all sports. he also is a very careing and loyal friend that is down for everyone. His personalty is awosme, he enjoys making people laugh and acting stupid while having fun. Overall a brodie is just "The Man"
You know what there is not many people like that guy, that can be so fly and sexy but still be so smooth and chill,He's definitely a Brodie
by @ b.r.o.d November 22, 2006
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The same as saying "bro". But with more respect. You really look up to your brodie and he means alot to you. You are glad that he has entered your life.
Your the best thing thats happened to me this year. Yupp your my brodie.
by Dee_33 January 22, 2010
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Has the biggest dick in the group. Known for his superior looks and the bitches loving him so much.
Oh there's a Brodie. He's got a big dick
by Yesss daddddy June 23, 2017
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