a tweaker; someone so jacked up on speed that they run around in circles.
Hoopers love to take stuff apart but they never put it back together; they probably have no food in their kitchen.... Courtney Love, Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, the guy who cried for Britney = hoopers
by srw SVOP January 29, 2008
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one time, molly hooper slapped me across my dumb idiot face. thrice. it was AWESOME. - the one poop baby sherlock holmes
by mollyfuckinghooper January 24, 2014
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a small quadraspazed object used by laides (mostly in essex) to clean piss off themselves..

also used widely across flying types to define a bad landing..
Shaz: "I really need to Brian Hooper my minge tonight.. "
by brian hooper June 18, 2010
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A turf hooper is when a person says he from ane place then he says Im from another place.
by sammy_3100 May 21, 2007
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A butthole that likes to torture naive and unknowing teenagers with his face every day. His head cosplays a square and his body is like a rotten pear. His ass covers most of the Australian continent and he is what you call a shit-cunt. He looks like he licks other people's drink bottles. He is also the 9th wonder of the world because there is no hairstyle in this world that makes him look good. He is the kind of person who would wash their hands straight out of the shower. Speaking of showers, I don't think he even takes any. He is like a pedophile but even babies have standards. He is such a basic white bitch that if he was a spice he'd be self-raising flour because his parents never loved him.
"what's wrong"
"I stepped on a mr hooper lying on the ground"
by not.in_yourmom February 23, 2023
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when you stick a package of anything (i.e. drugs) up your butt
When Jackie came to maz in jail she hooped a package for him. She is a package hooper.
by trapqueen6ix March 15, 2016
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A teenage boy that lives in a first world country and overthinks the problems in his life and thinks he’s the main character; usually a baller and plays 2K and FIFA
John: Bro, my PS5 got delayed a month because of these dropshippers. I hate my life and all my enemies, soon I’ll become better than them and they can admire my sigma greatness.
Dylan: John you’re from the United States with a loving family and your dad makes 200k a year. Quit being such an overthinking hooper.
by bruhhhmyballshurt July 16, 2023
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