Placing an foreign item or object in your rectum in an attempt to smuggle it into a location.
Gerald was caught hooping cigarettes into the Penn again.
by Brody Anderson December 9, 2018
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The action of smuggling/transporting something around up your asshole
Person 1: hey, you
Person 2: yeah?
Person 1: can you get this past security for me?
Person 2: wtf no
Person 1: there is money in it for you
Person 2: fine
Tsa agent: this nigga hooping cocaine
by Grasshole September 11, 2019
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To spin hula hoops for fun, for exercise or as a performance.
The last time I went raving, I couldn't believe how many people were hooping!

I love hooping it is way more fun then going to the gym and it totally tones my abs.
by Giada D. August 13, 2009
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Hooping is used by British paedophiles as a code word or expression for the act of bumming a boy under the age of 14.
"He is out hooping the dirty bastard!"
by baza69 March 29, 2009
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Hooping: Bruh I got so mad on the court today I took a ladder and hooped right in the basket
by Akaphederstein January 7, 2019
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A term used in prison for storing contraband within one's anus.
How can i get this butterfly knife on the yard to shank that shit talking scrap?
-Hoop it!
by EvilEd5150 March 14, 2016
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aww lads, you should have seen the hoop on thebird i was with last night
by schorman April 23, 2017
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