a short ass pimple-faced blonde teenage boy who loves a little boy named "Sam". hooper tends to take shits at any moment he can. he will scold you if you do something he doesn’t like. he smells like a skunk and often walks up to people and sniffs their ass.
Person A: ew, who’s that midget taking a shit in the backyard?
Person B: oh that’s just hooper, he kept sniffing my ass and taking shits in the yard, thought i kicked him out by now.
by lolfoot June 21, 2021
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People (mostly hot chicks) who are into the 'art' of hula hooping and related interests. Part of a 'tribal movement' reguarding the hula-hoop popular in modern cultures; also any species that 'hoops'.
Who were those hotties? Did they have hulahoops

Those hot bitches were hoopers from down south
by Bill Lumburg October 12, 2005
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A white guy who will only date and sleep with black women.
Timmay is a hooper. He likes his women like he likes his coffee, hot and black.
by shtychkn September 26, 2005
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When you call someone a 'Hooper' either they have excrimented in a bush, or a man who is the result of Tasmanian Inbreeding and takes it in the ring, see hoopajew
A buttplug is a Hooper or a hoopajew
Hey you just crapped in that bush! You Hooper!
Whats that? Your mother is your sister? You are a Hooper!
by Mahogany Potato June 5, 2006
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The most annoying people to stand next to at a show; constantly hoolahoop and hit you in the face; show no remorse or regard for your personal area.
Damn it... let's migrate and get away from those stupid hoopers.
by Cassidy S. April 23, 2006
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When your memes are destroyed or banned because they are deemed offensive, resulting in you and anyone else involved getting pissed off
Person 1: Did you here James got hoopered?
Person 2: Shit really? poor guy
Person 1: Yeah man but we are just sharing them in a facebook group now though, can't be hoopered in there
by St Andrews Meme Force August 9, 2018
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The Hooper is the really hot chick that you see walking down the street and really wanna get to know.
Dude! Did you see the hooper yesterday on one of those stand up surf boards!
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