To tell the world your secret(s) -usually when a friend sells you out and babbles to the world.
Wow. I can't believed he freaking snitched me! It's payback time.
by somebodyy.(: June 10, 2009
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in the criminal sense a snitch will provide information to the police or feds in order to obtain lenient treatment for themselves and provide information over an extended period of time in return for money or for police to overlook their own criminal activities. Quite often someone will become an informant following their arrest.
a snitch is not the innocent person who has a serial killer living next door so he tells the police to get the trash out the community. a snitch is one who is slanging dope or doing some other wrong doing and gets caught but instead of taking their punishment like a man they tell the authorities info on other criminals so they can get off scott free or reduce their own punishment. that is a snitch!
by ekiye April 13, 2008
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Snitching is when you tell on someone to get yourself out of trouble.

Informing law enforcement of a crime for any other reason is just someone performing their civic duty.
"He was snitching on his partner to get a reduced sentence."
by Apricity916 November 15, 2018
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Snitches are bitches sent by witches who fall in ditches and later get stitches and then never get bitches.
Dylan: Fuck that kid, he fucking told on me again
James: Yeah, he must be a motherfucking snitch
by Dylan CrutcherClifton January 23, 2018
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When someone rats out a person or group to the police for their own benefit or gain.
by diktahp August 1, 2020
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A "Snitch" is a guy/girl who gets arrested by the cops, and then decides to give up info that can land another person/friend in lock-up. And as a result, the snitch is let go- - home free.

Usually, that motherfucker gets his/her ass beat up and put into the hospital, or stabbed up or shot.
A drug dealer gets caught by the cops, and the cops offer him a deal to be let off home free, so the motherfucker takes the deal and tells the cops about another dealer thats throwin dope around town, and then gets that other dealer arrested. A week later, Snitch gets jumped and put in the hospital.
Snitch rats on somebody again & ends up dead.
by SouthernWhiteFool850 June 14, 2014
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When someone tells on you about somthing dumb because they think they are superior to you and/or just jealous
Person 1: Britney snitched to the vp for cheating on the chemistry test

Person 2: that bitch just mad because she could never get away with it
by ryder42 April 2, 2015
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