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the punk ass police who are notorious for shooting innocent people planting drugs and weapons on the citizens!
crooked ass cops, anyone who affiliates with dirty cops. Government informants, any police ass shit!

"Damn a nigga can't walk down the street with out these punk ass holice harassing me searching for drugs!"
by zone3 pimp May 19, 2009
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A contraction of police and prostitutes. Popular in urban settings where police are as common vernacular would have it are solicitous prostitutes.
Jamal: "Damn, son why the holice always
gotta be bustin my biznalls."

Shawnae: "I don't know cuz, but i wish i
could get up on them ballz

Jamal: "Hell no, i'd rather have some
holice than a hosebeast."
by James Rizzzowe March 14, 2005
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Since the police are often weak and pimped by the establishment that gives them their orders, they are quite similar to prostitutes (the ho) that are on demand for their pimp. Hence the term, β€œHolice”.
I can’t stand the bitch ass holice! All they do is ride around and fuck wit folks all day! Get a life!
by puckdafolice May 02, 2018
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