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When your "parents" have deceived you and then realise that you will find out eventually, they set about buying you EVERYTHING so you wont hate them for what they've done from the age of 14. So you get a brand new motor cross bike, then a brand new helmet, and motorcross boots and gloves and goggles, and trips everywhere so you can ride. Then they buy you more motorbikes and more helmets and they make you the "Golden Child" so you refuse to hear the truth and hate them.
SInce Muzza's dad was told that junior didn't think he was his real dad, his parents have gone nuts and bought him everything he ever wanted. His fake grand parents are in on it too. They changed his birth certificate so he wouldn't find out. That's what you call a Cash Apology - and then some.
by ratsbackside December 08, 2020
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Unintelligible garble from a mentally or emotionally unstable being. It is almost impossible to translate their inane rantings from any form or language or common sense. Clearly the person is out of their safe space.
The rantings of the woman as she delivered freakspew to anyone in her vicinity were obviously that of a programmed retard, someone who thinks the world should be as she see's it or a lunatic out of medication
by ratsbackside February 16, 2021
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When the thot who left you for the worst snake in the grass work out how their relationship was formed on triangulation, deceit, attention, spite and narcissism and they confess they need to sleep beside a person they don't love - for the rest of their lives til death do they part - that's Karma Music to all of my senses. Wait until the good looks have faded and watch them tear themselves apart. 2 superficial mutts have wasted their lives with someone they despise.
When I hear of how Slagley and Bradford hate each others guts, it is Karma music to my ears. It s always good for a chuckle.
by ratsbackside December 09, 2019
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Someone who is unfortunately addicted to being an a - hole. They can't help themselves and no amount of therapy can cure them. They are a chronic arsehole. They treat others as if they don't matter. It's all about them.
Bradford and Shirley are chronic A - Holics after treating "their" son as they have. His feelings never mattered. There is no hope for them.
by ratsbackside April 20, 2017
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Abbreviation for rim job - usually for the act but also as a derogatory tag for a fuckwit
Some smartarse millennial called me Karen for displaying common sense (something way above his pay grade)- so I called him RJ coz he is another level above dropkick. Seemed perfectly suited to this arse muncher.
by ratsbackside January 18, 2021
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A pig ugly bloke going out with a hottie, or raggy looking woman going out with a handsome gent.
Geez, that porker Bradford is punching above his weight going out with that glamour Shirley. Yeah but she is a slag so looks are all that count right?
by ratsbackside August 30, 2017
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When a man, who is punching above his weight, offers to be the father of the child of an impregnated girl just so he can sleep with her.
Geez, that Bradford will do anything to get into Shirley's pants. He's now the father of the bun in the oven! He'll make a great chequebook dad. He did shoplift the pooty.
by ratsbackside February 10, 2017
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