When a man is tired after a days work and his wife runs full speed like a bull into his butt.
I came on and my wife started entering me
by 135772 September 21, 2017
to go into.
why the hell was *enter* not on here?
by Dude 2000 October 8, 2003
In a sexual context, to penetrate the vaginal walls/ ass (if that's your preference)
Grizzly: Kai! See babe, I wan' enter her!
by fem grizzly October 10, 2006
The process of something being entertaining, yet stimulating at the same time.
Yeah, its very enterating.
by SomeoneThatKnowsThings November 20, 2010
A descriptive term for sex
by Matt33 February 21, 2006
the button you just pushed on the keyboard to get to this definition
i pushed enter and i saw this
by Kyle Biddle August 3, 2004
A disorder where people repeatedly press the enter key even when their sentence isnt complete
Dude, Britney contracted enterism and now its soooo annoying to text her
by definer25 November 29, 2016