An arcade game frequented by people who look like they normally couldn't dance. DDR is--in fact--a form of dance (more or less). The arrows which guide the dancer in their steps face the four cardinal directions and can be stepped upon in numerous combinations of patterns. The key to the game is timing on the techno beat of your song of choice. Some of the most popular songs include: "Dam Dariam", "Butterfly", and "Healing Vision". Excellent dancers are known as "maniacs" and their dance performances reflect that title. Although originally intended for use in Japan, Americans secretly exported these DDR machines into their country until the game manufacturer, Konami, declared that exportation of DDR machines would be declared legal. If you play too much DDR, you will see arrows in your head every time you close your eyes over the course of the hour following gameplay.
Dance Dance Revolution is by far the greatest arcade game ever!
by Arrow May 8, 2003
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An awesome and popular game that combines catchy dance music, foot coordination, and exercise. It would also really help if you knew how to find the beat in a song.
by Ambros April 19, 2003
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Dance Dance revolution or simply DDR for short, is a game that appeared in '99 in Japan. It was illegally exported from japan (which explains why you may see "this machine is only for use IN japan" on many ddr machines in arcades) HOWEVER, Konami decided to let ddr come to the US legally and worldwide.

The game usually consists of a pad (it may come in different materials such as plastic or metal) with four arrows in a formation of a plus sign. The screen (which is needed to play, genius) appears with arrows of flashing colors going up the screen. The player must press the arrow on the pad in unison with the directional arrows hitting the "bar" at the top of the screen. The arrows may usually go up, but the player has the option of changing the direction of the arrows so it may be able to travel down and the bar's place will change

But in some special versions of ddr, the arrows travel horizontally across the screen. The game has 4 levels of skill: Beginner, Light, Standard, and Heavy, but there is also challenge in which of course, the game challenges you. (durr) When playing the game, some songs basically provide an acid trip for you because of the background images. Sometimes they're freaky as hell, or cute than babies vomiting depending on what song you choose. Also, the arrows and their speed and colors can add to this.

Many times, people make the mistake of playing ddr WAY too much and start to see arrows AFTER they've done playing the game (trust me, i have experienced this like fuck)

DDR has its equal share of haters and lovers. Many times those who hate ddr are *seen* as those who suck at playing the game, NEVER played it, or plain love to antagonize japanese or popular things. But ddr also has many lovers as it has many haters. Ppl seem to play it nonstop ESPECIALLY in arcades, but blow a hella lotta money to play depending on the price. Many times it is seen that many like DDR simply because its japanese but that usually isnt the case. If anyone simply loves ddr simply cus its japanese, then that person is a grade A poser, period.

Doctors and scientists proved that ddr can actually help others lose weight (as long as they play it within their limits and not till they sweat all over the damn machine then slip and crack their head open like an egg) but when DDR first came out, many parents actually tried to ban the game because some songs had so-called "demonic" images in the background of the song. Obviously, their kids have been playing the song Tsugaru or Afronova too much. But hell ddr isnt gonna get anyone possesed so it still lives.

But ddr can cause ppl to do the craziest things (it had a hell of an effect on me! i scared a little girl while laughing crazily on the game! Drop Out makes me do maaad things! didnt effect on my ass though. my ass still jiggles like jeller T__T)

A/N: about ddr n00bs: yanno how they always put their feet in the middle again and again and that helps in no way? (it got nicknamed sticky-feet) i blame that on the bg for beginners. those characters on the pad ALWAYS put their feet in the middle again! the beginners LEARN from that! *cough*

"Dude, that n00b has stickyfeet."

me:...more like blackanese.
hater: yuh whatever the game sucks its pointless
me: well have you done GOOD on the game?
me: LOL! NO FUCKIN WONDER! *dies of laughter*

public: KEEP DDR PLZ.

stupid classmate: uggggh DDR is soooo last year
me: obviously, you live your life by whats IN and not whats OUT. you ferkin prep. gawd...

me: if you hate Dance dance revolution, dont discriminate about it to those who LOVE it. that's just LOWLY. some ppl hate it with a passion and they just make themselves look so stupid, its just SAD.

by MadCheshire~ March 25, 2006
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A rhythm-oriented action game, also known as "DDR", played with the feet. The player stands on a metal pad with four arrows (up, down, left, right) on it. When playing a song, colored arrows referring to the directions move up from the bottom of the screen, and the player steps on the correct mark, hence the term "dance.". This game requires stamina, a sense of rhythm, and foot-eye coordination. It is a very popular game in North America.
Let's play some Dance Dance Revolution!
by Jordan Morgan November 23, 2003
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A super sweet game that requires much coordination and balance. Real DDRers don't follow the arrows exactly, looking like morons having seizures on their feet in the process. The best DDRers look like they're really dancing, all the while stomping on just enough correct arrows to keep from failing the song.
Damn, Jason can move on and off the DDR dance pad. He takes his dance moves to the DDR machine seamlessly. I wish I could move as smooth as Jason without looking like I'm stomping on 400 ants in 90 seconds.
by JayStar June 2, 2005
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A popular Japanese dance game normaly known as DDR. It combines quick movement with extreme coreography and coordination. It is usually played to extremely good techno-songs and it has 5 different difficulties; begginer, light, standard, heavy, and challenge. People who are very good tend to draw crowds at arcades (like me)and usually go for the hards songs suc as; max300, maxx unlimited, legend of max, etc.... And NOT only Asians are good at this!
try the only hate it cuz you can't do it. and you know get up and try it. Unless you are fat...then it might be hard.
also there is this song that is illegal to be in the united states called MAX. (period) and it goes up to almost 700 BPM...! X0
by Ken January 24, 2005
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A popular arcade game in which you must use your feet to press arrows in coordination with what goes on on a screen infront of the player.

On a side note, also a great game.
The Japanese (Konami) are quite ingenious when it comes to unique, and as usual, very popular games. Take Metal Gear for example. It was rated one of the best games of the year back in the day, and still is with the new games and series coming out. DDR does not attract only ugly, pale young males, and no females. In my area there are plenty of both young healthy males and young cute girls that play the game.
"Homosexuals" is definitley the wrong term to be used when defining DDR. When 2 males go up together to play, they do not make contact with eachother nor do they make any sexual reactions to one another.
Dance Dance Revolution is a popular Japanese arcade game.
by Jeff August 11, 2003
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