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Getting ready to be a Ho. Getting ready to sell out or trick a person. Pushing your luck. Trying to take advantage of a situation by being slick on the slide. Getting ready to taking a advantage of people. Getting ready to go.
"I know you are going to Ho-Up before you go out tonight and wear that low cut dress and high heels."

"Don't Ho-Up and eat all the cookies."

"Everyone need to Ho-Up we are heading to the club."
by Soth Baby December 24, 2011
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like a glow-up, but instead of glowing up to become a hotter & better person, someone glows up to become a ho, therefore hoeing-up
Everyone expected Sara to glow-up during sophomore year, but were surprised when she had a ho-up instead and started wearing bikinis as shirts during the winter.
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by joebidennn March 08, 2018
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When a larger than usual group of people cram together in a confined space.
Hotel - as I understand it, Sarah booked a 2 bedroom that has a fold out couch, so there is enough room for all 6 of us. Personally, I'm a poor, unemployed student. So the more people that split the room, the better. We can totally ho up.

Peter: Hey Tom, how the hell are we all gonna git ther?
Tom: Well shit, Peter. I guess wer jus gonna have to ho up in thus her truck.
Tom and Peter: Awww horseapples!!!
by firemachine April 10, 2009
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