having a strong tendency to try to control other people without taking their feelings into consideration

trying to tell people what to do and trying to control the behavior of others often
If you were/are a older brother, sister, cousin, friend...etc ,,growing up the younger ones would be controlled by a domineering older family/friend. You need to stop acting so immature and go clean your room before mom gets home.

If I was you I wouldn't waste my time trying to sing, just get a job.
bossy mean aggressive
by All-arounder March 25, 2015
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Dominic is the bestest friend you could get in the world i swear. He is the bomb. You know what..No he isnt just going to be a best friend. He is like going to be a whole family in one person and you would love him for a fact. A Dominic is perfect way to talk about anything!!!!! They are FUNNNYY AS HELL. Suportive. always there for you. doesn't and won't take bullshit for a exuse or any of that. He is the type of friend that you could spend years with and never get tierd of :) So if you had him as a brother or something (rare) :D Go and get one! they are so rare. If you get a dominic mad though, Hell is broken out. Like he will stand up for what he believes. be the most funniest person you can talk to, yet still be serious at the same time (maybe) He can make your day in less then a minute. I promise you would be lucky to have one as a friend
Camila: :( I really need a Dominic :(

Hannah: OMG they are amazing you SOOOO need to get one!!!!!!!!

Camila: OMG REALLY?? Thanks!!!
by HannahTheSis September 7, 2013
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These certain female pornstars (Mandy muse Veronica rodriguez Kelsi Monroe Eva Angelina Abella danger Gabriella paltrova Madison ivy )
Won’t leave dominic alone now because they keep letting him fuck their brains out and he gets seriously annoyed by it he also really hates this website they probably fuck him all together sometimes he’s the sexiest and a half Mexican with curly hair and swagger dominic is off da chain
Well I mean dominic I didn’t know you were laying it down like that bruh
by Toxic relationship sex January 10, 2021
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The nicest friend you could ever have, slightly annoying at times and usually pretends he doesn't care even though he will always be there for you.
by Milkchocolatelover May 21, 2017
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A guy that certain famous female pornstars(Katrina jade Mandy muse Veronica rodriguez Kelsi Monroe Eva Angelina Abella danger Gabriella paltrova Madison ivy ) won't leave alone because of his sex game hard stroking and his large cock sometimes he has orgys with all of them and only him at the same time and lots of fun he gets really annoyed by this sometimes though he's the sexiest with long curly hair and redbone skin and likes to get fucked up and party hes jus cool to be around he's from Austin Texas
Pornstar:I'm gonna go to Dominics in a little bit you wanna cum

Other pornstar:sure why not
by Savy my nigga January 13, 2019
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Dominic is a soaker a female magnet one minute the ladies are talking to him the next minute there pulling his pants down he will make you want his dick stuck down in your throat he's one sexy man amazing during sex he's probably got a female stalking him right now he's a really great guy though
Dominic is pretty fucking sexy
by Spleargedass June 1, 2019
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