The 5 words of doom you WILL hear if someone catches you laughing at the wrong.
Person 1: “Cole ugly as shit, Cole fat and broke,”
Person 2: *Laughing his ass off*
Cole: Bitch, I know you not laughing?
by Heisenbergpoop January 6, 2022
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Used as a sarcastic response to someone saying "Fuck you"
Rando: Fuck you!
Me: I know you want to.

Rando: 😤
by Bannter April 12, 2021
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Its like I cant believe that. sort of like "stop lying!" or "get out of here!"
Pennny: hey girl, did you hear Kiesha was pregnant
Dee: Bitch! I know you lyin!
Penny: naw girl she showed me a picture of her ultrasound.
by MJ_lit February 15, 2017
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This is when you are in love but she or he doesn't like you. You and he or she are not friends you just know each other. Therfore you are not even in the friend zone but the i know you zone. ;(
George: "man I am in the I know you zone, I am so sad"
by Asa The Definer March 15, 2017
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A common reaction when in disbelief of someones actions or words.
Ohhh know you didn't! How you gonna play me like that?
by Sophie February 11, 2005
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1. Phrase used when someone recieves a compliment & is confident that it is a well known fact.

2. Used when someone is in agreement with what someone else has said, and wants to give props or show mutual agreement.
1. Guy: "Yo sweatheart. That's a lil' fatty you got rite there"
Female: "I know you know."

2. Female: "Apple bottoms make them jeans that be fittin."
Female: "Girl...I know you know"

by Mizz Phatz June 11, 2008
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