The first legit year of high school. This is the year when you start to have a more authentic high school experience unlike freshman year. Most people are turning 16, you can get your license, get a job, and have a lot more independence overall. Classes are harder than the year before, more is expected of you. You kind of have to have some idea of what college you want to go to so you can a head start on requirements etc. despite all the hype of not being a freshman anymore, you're still not really an "upperclassmen" until junior year. unfortunately.
Freshman: "Eh, I hate being a freshman, it's boring and basically like 8th grade."

Sophomore: "It'll get better. Next year you can get your drivers license and stuff. sophomore year is where it's at."
by Feely7 January 25, 2011
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Sophomore year depression is a mental illness characterized by intense feelings of sadness and hopelessness in your sophomore year of high school. Depression follows you like a creepy ex on Instagram throughout high school, but the most intense periods of this disease come in your sophomore year due to unfamiliarity with these new feelings.

This disease is commonly caused by random things you did in your freshman year and most likely the summer of. By this point, you have probably gotten in to the world of high school dating and maybe even got in to a relationship and somwhere along the way got your heart broken. You also probably dealt with getting used to high school, which took a toll on your mental health.

If you feel Sophomore year depression you should know that, much like spicy food, you don't feel better the more you go through it. All you can do is increase your tolerance to this lingering feeling all throughout high school.

It's statistically proven that the best year to get depression in high school is sophomore year, due to the lack of AP classes, SATs, and college applications. This gives you more time to lie in bed and think about what the fuck you're doing.
Sophomore: I've been feeling so down lately, all I wanna do when I get home is get in bed and sleep. I hate high school

Senior: Ah, looks like you got Sophomore year depression.
by Jimbla221 March 2, 2021
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The year of high school that is just there. You are not a freshman anymore, but you are not an upper class men yet. Because sophomore year is pointless and just simply does not count for anything, just fuck it. Fuck shit up like there is no tomorrow because it does not count and nothing matters. It's like a free year in high school where you can just do whatever you want.
Person #1: Hey wanna get fucked up tonight
Person #2: It's a Tuesday night
Person #3: Fuck it it's sophomore year
by your fav high schooler October 23, 2017
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