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This is not a word, even though everyone in southern California uses it. The correct word is "Height." Don't combine width and height into heighth. That's just wrong. I will stab you in the eye.
Measure the heighth and width of that board, and then cut it up into little pieces that fit inside my mouth.
by Gristle McThornbody September 27, 2005
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Word used all the time by ignorant people in southern ca, and maybe beyond. Incorrect pronunciation of the simple word 'height.' Immediately makes you look about 30 IQ points dumber as soon as you say it.
"What's the heighth of the highest building you've ever jumped out of?"
"I did a three story building once and only broke my ankle."
"Sick man! You should try for 4 next time!"
by spinningtabletop May 16, 2010
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Old English for 'Height', sometimes spelled 'highth'.
“Pip, I wish you ever well and ever prospering to a greater and a greater heighth” -Charles Dickens "Great Expectations"
by Pre_lude April 02, 2009
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Instead of saying 'height', a few people use this 'word'.
Firpo: What is the heighth of this building? It's gotta be close to the record.

Morris: I don't think that I'd be going out on a limb by saying that 'heighth' isn't in any dictionaries.
by Diggity Monkeez March 15, 2005
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archaic, awkward sounding, yet still correct from of the word "height." Formed by adding the "-th" suffix onto the word "high." Formerly spelled "highth."
People who think they're smart by correcting people who say, "heighth" end up sounding stupid when they realize that "heighth" is an acceptable pronunciation.
by Ldeamvpikda June 25, 2007
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This old english variant of height is most often used to distinguish an absolute without distinct definition. While height is usually specific, heighth can be more abstract. This difference is similar to the difference between shined and shone.
At an average height of six feet, their heighth is insufficient to make the playoffs.
That doorway is ninety inches in height, heighth measured to the nearest quarter.
by Snark43 December 19, 2013
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Used by cooks, chefs and enthusiastic amateur cooks to describe the process of piling, stacking or otherwise composing food so that it gains height on the plate. The term is used in the professional practice of Culinary Arts to reference the other measurement words: width, breadth and depth, by adding the 'th' suffix.
Chef: Please make sure to put the salad on a cold plate, you'll get a lot more heighth that way!
Cook: Yes, Chef!

Chef: All napoleons need to be stacked with the utmost care so that we maximize heighth! I want them TALL!
Cook: Yes, Chef!

Chef: If the plate does not have enough heighth, it'll look like it came out of Grandma's kitchen. We are NOT Grandma's kitchen!
Cook: Yes, Chef!

Chef: Get some more goddamn heighth out of that appetizer, we are not shoemakers!
Chef: Oui, Chef!
by GoLightly September 05, 2013
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