A non-threatening threat. Basically, it's how one will show their anger to another, quickly look around for a sharp object, fail in finding one, and say the threat anyways, not being able to back it up. Usually used in a friendly manner, where the speaker (probably) won't stab the other guy, anyway.
Jack: Hey man, you know what a pelican looks like!?
John: Well, you've got the saggy chins, the beady eyes, and you are annoying as Hell, so... I'm gonna have to say, like you.
Jack: I will stab you...
by Kil Lerown April 17, 2010
A phrase i use when i'm truly pissed and about to snap
"if you don't shutup right now, i will stab you in the face, repeatedly"
by AleisterEPOD October 28, 2008
Phrase said at Saugus High School. Attempted by many, mastered by only one.
Mr. Miller, the Euro teacher, can't pull off saying "I stab you". Only that weird kid with the scarf can.
by Awesome Incarnate December 1, 2004
Mastered only by the one true Iland, meant to make kids shut up quickly such as Abigale and Zach.
Miller: Abigale, I stab you. Is that write? Iland: No, its istabyou!
by Shazam89 December 3, 2004