A novel written by the famed Victorian era author Charles Dickens in the year 1861. The novel centers on the life of Pip, who was a poor rural boy, until a mysterious benefactor turned him into a London gentleman, and how Pip deals with the fact that his great expectations have left him so much disappointment. It is widely considered one of Charles Dickens’ best novels, and is read in schools all over the world.
man #1 "of all Charles Dickens' novels which is your favorite?"

man#2 "probably Great Expectations, it was exceptionally well written"
by David_Copperfield11 August 18, 2011
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A novel written by Charles Dickens in weekly parts from December 1860 to August 1861. Great Expectations is the story about Pip, a selfish, whiny teenager that grows up into a "gentleman." This is a novel assigned to many high school students to read, and probably the most boring book in existence. My advice, don't waste your time, cliffs notes work.
1) Thanks, Charles Dickens, for wasting two months of my life with your crappy book, Great Expectations.

2) I would call Bernadette, but she is reading that god-awful book Great Expectations.
by Erin the great June 7, 2005
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An extremely boring novel by Charles Dickens, following the story of Pip, a little kid whose parents died. His sister, Ms. Joe and her husband Joe raise him. Ms. Joe is actually a fucking dick to Pip. I zoned out at this point but Pip went to Ms. Havisham’s mansion. Havisham is this crazy lady who was left at the altar and instead of getting over it, she stopped all of her clocks, never threw away the food and never took off her dress. She also had this adopted (i think) niece named Estella. Pip starts simping hard for estella, and again i zoned out but Pip was simping so hard that he followed estella to London. He became a douchebag to try and impress her, but his London joyride was running out of funds. When he found out who was giving him the money, it was some criminal he met in the very beginning of the book and instead of being grateful he was upset it wasn’t Havisham. Idk what happens after that but honestly i’m not looking forward to reading the rest.
“hey man wanna read great expectations

id rather fuck my dog
by lowqua1itynerd January 23, 2020
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A powerful dancing diva choir that pulverizes other show choirs with their electric moves, outstanding vocals, fancy footwork and mind boggling costumes. Under new direction since 2010, 'GE' has grown new wings and become even more badass with shows like "It's not easy being green" and "Man vs. machine", both shows that step over the safe borderline between what-were-you-thinking and why-didn't-I-think-of-that.

GE requires all members to try out each year in a two day tryout process involving dance techniques and vocal auditions. It is sometimes revered as a cult within the school district, as mandatory 8 hours practices are held after school every day during competition season.
Yep, Great Expectations really knows how to represent Twinsburg, OH. I hear they get in the paper more than their football team...
by Evilducky420 January 17, 2011
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Expecting someone to do something like work 4 jobs or fly.
The girl wanted to see somebody fly freely (without being in an aircraft or having a parachute) even though nobody could do that. The people who tried to live up to her expectations are all dead, those who watched them die didn't find her great expectations liberating at all.
by Solid Mantis August 19, 2019
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