The act of owning or maintaining control of a person, usually for the purpose of having sex or bringing unusual physical or mental harm to that person. This Phrase Was Coined By Richy Rich of Eagle City Music Entertainment In Beaumont, TX.
Log-On To or get HAVED Hoe
by RichyRichMusic May 19, 2011
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Haved is the action of behaving in a manner that is appropriate to the specific citation.

Haved is a short form of the words, "are you behaving"
As the children ran through the house I asked them if they were being haved outside?
by Matthew Randall February 16, 2009
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When someone is unwilling to accept the current or proposed state of affairs. Can also be used when someone doesn't believe you're telling them the truth.
Bush thought he'd slip Harriet Miers by on a nod and a wink, but the Busheviks weren't having it.

I told my mom I wasn't the one who put a dent in the car, but she was NOT having it and pressed me to give her the whole story.
by The Grammar Nazi November 04, 2005
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When something is seen as required.
"I didn’t have to add any sugar to my mocha latte."

"What do you mean?"

"I didn’t find its taste bitter and disgusting enough to cause me to add more sugar from the office in order to make it palatable for me."
by nanigansguy May 22, 2017
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(noun) A person who does not possess the necessary credentials in order for them to be successful. Likewise, this person is not able to express qualities of credibility.
The networking teacher said that he could not take the day off because he was a have-not and needed to work towards his certification.
by McCrapper March 25, 2013
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