People of mixed race with light complexion and light eyes.
often strikingly so. Some times used as "cocoa latte"
"We should hook-up so we can make some mocha latte babies."
by harobks December 2, 2006
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when a girl (nick name: mocha) likes a boy (nick name latte) and they flirt all the time! so its called a mocha latte. the girl = mocha the boy = latte.
Ah! There is a Mocha Latte in the hall!
by KayteeMacc March 20, 2008
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To be a very large fat black male that grows weed but acts so white that he can't even be gangster
Look at this mocha latte mother fucker, he won't even share a spliff, what a buster.
by effect December 8, 2014
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First a girl eats your asshole out. While she has your shit in her mouth, you turn around and bust a load in her mouth, giving the effect of her having a Mocha Latte.
She was thirsty, so I gave her a tasty Mocha Latte... free of charge!
by Tony Little January 14, 2007
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Coffee mixed with a packet of hot chocolate.
This office has packets of Swiss Miss next to the coffee machine. Time for a ghetto mocha latte!
by Skyblacker December 18, 2019
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A nicer and less obvious way of saying FML (which stands for "F" My Life). Particularly good for status updates on Facebook or while driving in cars with children in the back.
You miss your exit when you were already late and your child is screaming in the back seat..."Frappuccino Mocha Latte!"
by girlwiththeshorthair February 4, 2010
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n. A refreshingly warm beverage derived from an individual suffering from an extreme case of diarrhea (either naturally or chemically induced). The person producing the frothy mocha latte (FML) must first be anally inseminated before shitting into a coffee mug and serving it to another person.

Whipped cream is permissible as a topping only when the person drinking the FML is actually aware that they have been handed an FML. The FML doubles as both a sick, sexual fetish-type drink and a hell of a good way to exact revenge on a friend.
"man, you gotta try my frothy mocha latte"
"yeah, dude. give me a taste... oh, man. that kinda tastes like shit"
by MDixon's one-eyed charley October 30, 2006
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